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Korotkovin Suomi-2009


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Hei! Löysin äsken SPÄM-laatikostani ilokseni viestin Aleksander Korotkovilta, jonka moni palstalainen muistaa Jesperin juoksukaverina WorldRun ykkösellä. Korotkov pisteli matkan varrella Lohjan parkkihallissa myös kovan 12 tunnin kisan voittoon!

Aleksanterin kirje puhukoon puolestaan. Toivottavasti tälle joukkiolle löytyy apuja Suomesta. Aleksander oli paitsi minun, myös monen muun hänet tavanneen mielestä poikkeuksellisen sydämellisen ja lämpimän oloinen ihminen, vaikkakin kovasti Jesperiä hiljaisempi :)

Jään kuulolle!

<i>Hello Tero,

I am Alexander Korotkov from S.Petersburg. Do you remenber me? World Run and stage from Turku to Salo. Thank you for help during World Run. I will remember it all time.

I decided to write you the letter.

Now I am an organizer of multydays race SUOMI-2009. It is my project. My run friends and I want to run in Finland about 620 km. Start and finish in Helsinki. And on 15th of August to paticipate in Helsinki city marathon.

Our plan is:

02.08.2009 - Helsinki - start

02.08.2009 - Hyvinkaa - 58 km 58 km

03.08.2009 - Hameelinna - 49 km 107 km

04.08.2009 - Toijala - 42 km 149 km

05.08.2009 - Tampere - 43 km 192 km

06.08.2009 - Vesunti - 51 km 243 km

07.08.2009 - Pori - 60 km 303 km

08.08.2009 - Rauma - 51 km 354 km

09.08.2009 - Laitila - 32 km 386 km

10.08.2009 - Turku - 60 km 446 km

11.08.2009 - Salo - 52 km 498 km

12.08.2009 - Lohja - 63 km 561 km

13.08.2009 - Helsinki - 60 km 621 km finish

14.08.2009 - Helsinki - rest

15.08.2009 - Helsinki - 42 km marathon

I plan 14-16 runners in team. The team runs together 6-6:30 min per 1 km.

I would want 3-5 runners from Finland to have in team. May be more. But in this case it needs to decide the problem with transport.

I plan team will have microbus for runners's things and food. The bus has 4 places for sitting.

Now I is collecting information where to stop and stay in the nights during this Finland multidays marathon. The team will have a very simple requirement for the place to sleep: cheep price and minimum conditions. It is better would be a sport hall with floor-mats in a school with lowest or no price. The all have sleeping-bags with them and food.

In April I will visit Finland by car to go this route and checked the places and get agreement in advance where team will stop.

Could you please help me with information (contacts, web site)?

Please connect me with runners who lives in towns from ours plan.

I need to find the addresses the places for stops to visit and check when I will in Finland in April.

Home. +7 (812) 5803403

Mob. +7 9112715554.

It's better E-mail: alexkorrun@mail.ru (home) spekaa1@vtb.ru (work)


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