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Hi fellow ultra runners.

Great editor you have in this forum, but it was a challenge to register, when I don't understand your language.

Jari Tomppo (as I guess you all know) and I have been adding races to an ultra running map which I'll tell you a little about here:

Have you ever looked at a race calendar and wondered where all those races are found on a map?

Have you been annoyed about not being able to find the address of a race because it says: "Next to the Statue of Pavo Nurmi"?

And where do I find the closest airport?

How far is it from the airport to the race?

Find the answers on http://www.zeemaps.com/UltraRunningWikiMap.WetPaint.com


You can find interesting races, which only have a homepage in its own non understandable language.

When you click on a race some info will bubble up with all kind of ultra race specific information.

You can even export all the races on the map to a csv-file.

Spots on the map are divided into categories:


  • Road - up to 12H - Nonstop

  • Road - up to 24H - Nonstop

  • Road Multidays - Nonstop

  • Road Stage race

  • Trail - Adventure/Mix

  • Trail - Ice

  • Trail - Jungle

  • Trail - Mountain

  • Trail - Sand/Heat

  • Trail Stage race

Travel assistance:

  • Airport, Ferry, Train, Bus

  • Hotel, Y. Hostel, Camping

Internet sources:

  • Calendars

  • Forums

  • News

  • Statistics

By clicking on the category below the map you can filter away that category.

When you click Show List in the menu you will have the races ordered by race date.

If you think the list is too crowded you can choose Advanced - Filter in the menu, select your region and Apply. After a page reload you have to choose Show List once more.

You can get more sofisticated filtering by pressing Search.

Is this cool or what?

If you need help you can either

If you like the Wiki idea and want to help ultra tourists, then please help add the races that you are planning to run or find interesting.

If you are a race organizer please keep information for your own race updated and move the location of the marker to the correct address of the race.

More info is available at http://ultrarunningwikimap.wetpaint.com/page/Info+to+race+organizers

Hope to meet you in a race one day.

BR Søren Raarup

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Hi Corner

I'm happy you like it.

Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a great race you will attend.

I have added it to the map:


To link to a race is a new feature.

As you can see you just write the name of the race after the map.

If there are special characters like ä, ö, Ã¥ in the name then they must be replaced by double underscore "__".

What do you think?

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