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Sörmland Ultra Marathon


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Tällaista olisi tarjolla Tukholmassa lokakuussa:

Dear Ultra runners!

I found Your webpage and would like to inform You about the Sörmland Ultra Marathon (SUM), that is arranged by Stockholm LÃ¥ngdistansklubb by October 6, 2007. SUM is a 50 km trail-race in the surroundings of Stockholm, following the foot trail Sörmlandsleden. Since the race starts 10.00 Saturday morning and most runners usually finish in about 5-6 hours, it should be possible to fit in the race as a week-end trip for participants from Finland.

I regret to say that we have not yet upgraded our homepage with information in Finnish but that will, hopefully, happen any week now. Until then, please check the English information at www.sormlandultra.se or send me an e-mail at emilnordh@hotmail.com and I will answer Your questions. We will also provide a local bank account for Finnish participants to avoid the bank fees attached to foreign payments.

I hope that You will find this interesting enough to pass this piece of information on to Your members and that We will see You at the starting line on October 6!

Best regards

Emil Nordh, Race Manager

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Ei varmaan hassumpi kisa. Tosin täsmälleen samana päivänä ja samaan kellonaikaankin (jos aikaero jätetään huomioimatta) kuin Vaajakosken maastoultra.

Niinpä näkyy. Eikä tuo Tukholman kisa käsittääkseni reitin vaativuuden suhteen hirveästi poikkea Vaajakosken reitistä, joten suosittelen suomalaisille juoksijoille mielummin Vaajakosken erinomaisen hyvin järjestettyä kilpailua.

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