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Sakura-Michi Nature Run 250 km 2016


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Dear Runners,

I hope you are fine and doing well. The steering committee inform you Sakura-michi

international nature run in 2016.

The following are the provisional arrangements. Please let us know by e-mail whether you

are able to take part or not. (If you can not use e-mail, we also accept mail or fax)

・Dates: 15-18 April 2016

・Course: Nagoya-Kanazawa (250km)

・Foreign participants : 25 runners maximum

・Entry fee: 50,000yen

・Deadline for application reception: 31 October 2015

*If we (the Steering Committee) receive more than 25 applications, we will select 25

runners. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

The Committee will be responsible for:

A) Accommodation: Free during the period 11-14 April,

B) Accommodation charges of 15th April at Nagoya, and 17th April at Shirotori.

C) Support During the Run: Food, Drink, and Medical Care.

D) Accommodation of runner's family: 50,000 yen per person during the

period 11-18 April. (15 and 17 evening's meals are not included.)

    E) Transportation expenses of runner's family during the run.

Contact: The Steering Committee of Sakura-Michi

c/o Abram Institute

Utsue, Kokufu-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 509 - 4121 Japan

Phone: 81-577-72-4219 / Fax: 81-577-72-4494e-mail: abram@hidatakayama.ne.jp

                       Sincerely yours,

                       Hiroshi Ogo

                        Sakura-Michi International Nature Run

                        Steering Committee

PS lisää tietoja

Sakura-Michi Nature Run 250 km aika rajoitus 36 tuntia.

Voi majoittua Hra Ogon luonna(Abram Institute, joka sijaitsee Hida Kokufussa erittäin kauniissa maisemissa) ilmaiseksi 11.-14.04.2016 välisenä aikana.

Startti: 16.04.2016 klo 6:00 Nagoya Linna(Nagoya)

Maali: 17.04.2016 klo 18:00 Kenrokuen(Kanazawa)

Check point

CP 1: 67,2 km 9:00

CP 2: 106,9 km 14:00

CP 3: 143,0 km 20:00

CP 4: 172,6 km 24:30

CP 5: 212,0 km 30:30

Maali: 250,0 km 36:00

Jos kiinnostaa Sakura-michista niin voit kysyä lisää minulta.

Olen osallistunut Sakura-michia 4 kertaa ja suosittelen lämpimästi. Aivan erilainen kuin Spartathlon.



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