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It is with great regret we have to inform you the Cliff Young Six Day Race is to be postponed until Nov. 2007. Yesterday the committee agonized over this decision but came to the conclusion this is the only decision we could make.

We have a small hard working committee who have been working tirelessly towards this years race to make it successful. However, three of our committee members have only recently changed employment, and one through illness, find they will no longer be available either in the week before the race (when all the infrastructure is put in place) or during the race.

This is not the first time the race has been postponed (it has previously been postponed twice since 1984) however, we are very disappointed to do so.

All application and entry fees will be refunded.

Please pencil in 19th – 24th November 2007 when we will be back with a new committee and a great race!

Bev Sutcliffe (Secretary)

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Ote Coolrunning Foorumista 25.01-07

Allekirjoita petition ja auta säästämään

maailman paras kuuden päivän juoksu.


Colac Online Petition

This Guestbook is an online petition. If you feel that the Cliff Young Australian Six-day race should continue to be run at Memorial Square, Colac, please sign this petition and help send a clear message to the people of Colac that the Ultrarunning/ Ultrawalking community want this GREAT event to continue.

Please consider signing. The future of the race is being decided at the end of february and this may help.


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"If you build it they will come" - Field of Dreams

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I have just got off the phone from Bill Sutcliffe. It has been decided that the race will not be on this year. There weren't enough local people at the AGM who were willing to put their hands up to form a Committee. The people present though are going to lobby the Colac Otway shire to put more money into the infrastructure at the Square. (This could change things in the long term. But they have been trying to get the council to do their bit for a few years).

It's been a GREAT journey and everyone will remember their involvement with Colac and the race with fondness. Im glad I was able to help them over the past five years. I think I saw the end of the race though at the end of the 2005 race when the majority of the Colac locals weren't interested in the history being created in their town.

I am sure that within the next two/three years there will be another 6 race in Australia.



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