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Vko 6


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MA Aamu 5km 28,25 @ 5.41km Ilta 12km 1.04,25 @ 5.22km

TI Aamu 5km 28,20 @ 5.39km Ilta 12km 1.08,10 @ 5.41km

KE Aamu 5km 28,20 @ 5.39km Ilta 12km 1.10,25 @ 5.52km

TO 20km 1.48,00 @ 5.24km

PE Matto 11km 58,00 @ 5.15km sis. 4 krt 1km vedot 4.08-3.55 Uinti 500m

LA 12km 54,45 @ 4.34km

SU 20km 1.38,45 @ 4.56km Uinti 500m

YHT 114km 10.07

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