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Update for the StreetPilot Navigation Device

Shrawan Bhagat

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A recent new update released by Garmin to StreetPilot Onboard as an iPhone application. It has combined the urban guidance and assistance for The Google Street View.  This feature permits the users to find out the public transportation choices keeping a look at the walker’s path. It is done with the help of Apple Maps integration. If you are facing any problem regarding the Garmin Streetpilot Navigation App, you can take the support of the Garmin Map Updates.

The users have the choice to map their route with the Garmin app and can take the location in Apple Maps. The Garmin app allows saving the layout and a user can use it even when there is no cellular data or signal available in the phone. The Garmin provides Garmin StreetPilot on Demand application. It extracts the data of the navigation from the cloud. It does require a subscription to perform. It was an all delightful news for the voyagers and tech guys when they heard that Garmin Releases Update to StreetPilot Navigation App With Google Street View and Public Transit Support

What is Urban Guidance??

Urban guidance offers the option for public transport. It includes the trams, subways, water taxis, pedestrian routes etc. It will guide the whole route step by step and help you reach your destination. But this feature is only available in the purchase of the app.

Features of Urban Guidance

Garmin comes up with some really unique features –

  • The voice prompted direction teller. ( It helps you to navigate the map and find your route. In every turn and direction, it will give a voice prompt including the street number or name.)
  • It has various amounts of preinstalled interest points. For example, restaurants, cafeteria, gas stations, etc.
  • The local searches for Google.
  • The driving speed limit on particular roads. It also shows your speed limit of driving.
  • The forecasting of weather from the present day to the next five days.
  • You can also share your location with anyone via Facebook or SMS.
  • Destination finding and reaching with landmarks.
  • You can also navigate your friends in your contact lists as it has the functionality of Address book integration.
  • You can also locate your place which is unknown to you with the emergency locator.

Garmin offers extra features while on purchasing the apps like real-time traffic updates, the photo of live traffic and fuel estimation.

The Google Street View

The Google Street View helps to provide the view of a route in street level. The users can take a picture of 360 degrees and can understand the area of their destination or the location where they are located at a specific time easily now. We can avail this feature of Google Street View coverage in the cities.

The all-new Garmin Update to StreetPilot Navigation App With Public Transit Support and Google Street View has the above features. Take it and enjoy your StreetPilot Navigation.

Garmin Competing with Google Maps in Navigation

Garmin was one of the leading GPS Navigation Devices before Google Maps. As Google Maps came in the market, it replaced Garmin with its brilliant features. It had the navigation facility which Garmin did not have at that time. This made the demand for Google Maps among the users.

Now, we can see that Garmin Debuts Low-Cost Navigation App to Compete With Google Maps with its new technical features. Garmin is competing with its low-cost navigation app with Google Maps. Yes, earlier Garmin was providing fewer elements in a high range to the users, which made it less demanding in the market than Google Maps.



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